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Teeth Whitening
Silver Lake, WA

Before and after photo of teeth whitening treatment from Cooley Smiles in Everett, WAThe last thing that you ever want to feel about your smile is self-conscious. Being confident in your smile is fundamental to strong self-esteem, so cosmetic dentistry treatments like teeth whitening can not only boost your smile, but also your psychological health. At Cooley Smiles, Silver Lake, we believe that professional teeth whitening can improve more than just your teeth, but also your whole day.

Understanding Tooth Stains

To understand why professional teeth whitening is so important, you have to understand how teeth get stained in the first place. There are three types of stains that can affect our teeth: intrinsic stains, extrinsic stains, and white spots.

•  Intrinsic stains - Intrinsic stains on our teeth occur on the inside, or the inner layer of the tooth. These types of stains can occur from certain oral medications, as a result of too much fluoride (a condition known as fluorosis), or from some type of dental trauma that has occurred. It is frustrating, but there is little that can be done to prevent intrinsic stains from forming. Even closely following the American Dental Association’s (ADA) guidelines cannot stop their formation.

•  Extrinsic stains - These are the stains on the outer surface of the teeth, which you can see. These types of tooth stains can be caused by tobacco usage, drinking coffee, tea, wine, soda, or eating berries. The enamel in our teeth absorbs these pigments, thus causing discoloration. You use a straw to prevent contact with your teeth.

•  White spots - Often, white spots are a sign of demineralization. Demineralization happens when lost minerals are not replaced. These weakened spots on your teeth not only affect the appearance of your teeth, they can eventually lead to cavities. The most common cause of white spots on your teeth is from having braces. The spots occur where the brackets once sat. These areas were unable to see toothpaste or other external methods of remineralization while the braces were on.

Getting Your Teeth Whitened

Teeth whitening is simple, with most appointments taking only an hour or so, but can sometimes require multiple visits to obtain the desired whitening shade. The precise method we use will vary with the needs of our patient, but generally we can schedule a teeth whitening appointment for you after we have completed a thorough dental cleaning and dental exam for you. We apply a bleaching agent that is activated by a special light. This is extremely safe and effective, and we carefully protect your enamel.

Feel Confident in Your Smile

With the help of a professional tooth whitening treatment, you can feel confident that you will always have the most dazzling smile in any group picture. Cooley Smiles, Silver Lake, can help you safely and quickly whiten your teeth. To make your appointment, call us at our Silver Lake location at (425) 249-3509.

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At Cooley Smiles, Silver Lake, we believe that professional teeth whitening can improve more than just your teeth, but also your whole day. Call us today!
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