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Woman smiling after getting Invisalign from Cooley Smiles in Everett, WA In some cases, people do not care that their teeth are crooked or damaged. When teeth are chipped, crooked, or not aligned, they can aggravate the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) because of the bite being misaligned when eating.

To fix misaligned teeth, people imagine traditional orthodontics and needing braces with metal wires and metal brackets. Traditional braces are highly visible, they are permanently glued to a patient’s teeth and make brushing and flossing extremely difficult to do. It is also easy to get food stuck to them which can aggravate gum tissues which can lead to gum disease. Due to the issues associated with traditional braces, patients typically shy away from them.

A much better option than traditional braces, Invisalign is the alternative to traditional braces, utilizing clear treatment trays that are virtually invisible to anyone. If you want to have your smile straightened and your teeth aligned, Invisalign is the best option. Here at Cooley Smiles, Silver Lake, we have all of the information you need about Invisalign.

Invisalign Principles

Invisalign gently adjusts teeth into their appropriate places by using slow calculated pressure. Traditional braces use metal wires to put pressure on teeth to get them to move to the correct spots. This can cause pain and discomfort. They cannot be removed for the entire length of treatment. The plastic trays utilized by Invisalign are easily removed for patients to properly care for their teeth by brushing and flossing. They do not use metal wires and use gentle pressure. Designed out of flexible plastic, they will not chip or fracture teeth by putting too much pressure on the patient’s teeth like traditional braces. Due to the tray being clear, they are typically unnoticed when interacting during their day.

Why Invisalign?

Having the ability to be custom-made, via a dental x-ray and a specific mold made of your mouth, the adjustment trays will fit the exact measurements of the patient’s mouth. Wearing the trays for at least 22 hours day, patients will begin to see the teeth slowly moving into proper alignment and their symptoms greatly lessened. Unlike traditional braces that affect all teeth and can shift teeth unnecessarily, the plastic trays only apply pressure to those teeth out of alignment.

The length of Invisalign treatment varies from person to person. Each patient has their own unique treatment plan. It obviously depends on how complex the adjustment is for the patient. While some need only wear the trays for a few months, others require a bit longer, this is drastically reduced time compared to the years you might have to wear the traditional braces.

Invisalign is Clearly a Step Above

When thinking about a mouthful of shiny metal with traditional braces, those patients choosing Invisalign can rest assured they will be wearing clear plastic trays instead. By being able to remove the trays, patients can continue typical dental hygiene practices as well as eat the food they want. Typically, those wearing traditional braces have dietary restrictions to protect the metalwork in their mouth. That is not the case with Invisalign.

The choice seems clear. If you still have questions and want to correct bite issues or misaligned teeth, now is the time. Call us today at Cooley Smiles, our Silver Lake location, with your questions and to know if Invisalign is right for you. We can schedule an appointment at any time. Call now at (425) 249-3509 so we can get started.

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With Invisalign the choice is clear. If you want to correct bite issues or misaligned teeth, Invisalign is the answer. Visit Cooley Smiles at the Silver Lake location for Invisalign.
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