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Gum Disease Dentist Everett WA

Close up of woman’s mouth and her hand pulling down her bottom lip to reveal puffy gums before gum disease treatment at Cooley Smiles in Everett, WAA change in the appearance of your gums is cause for concern.

If you are experiencing sensitivity when brushing or flossing as well as your gums bleeding, you must visit our gum disease dentist in Everett WA as soon as possible at Cooley Smiles because you may be experiencing symptoms of gum disease.

What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease is a serious and complicated pathology that puts the health and dental aesthetics of those who suffer from it at risk.

The most worrisome aspect of periodontal disease is that its consequences are potentially irreversible.

If you do not take care of your periodontal disease, you can lose one or more teeth, and increase the risk of losing bone and gum volume due to recession.

Due to it being a bacterial infection, it may also pose a risk to your overall health if left untreated.

It is important that at the slightest suspicion of periodontal disease, you seek help from our team of professionals at Cooley Smiles to avoid complications. The earlier it is caught, the easier the treatment will be to solve or control it.

How Do You Know if You Have Gum Disease?

If you notice that you have any type of inflammation or bleeding in your gums, it is enough to suspect that you have gingivitis.

At this point, it can still be treated at home, but if it worsens and ends in periodontitis, only our specialized staff will be able to guide and assist you.

Periodontal disease represents the worst stage of gum disease, being an advanced form of gingivitis - one of the most common gum pathologies.

We emphasize the importance of prevention and optimized treatment since untreated gingivitis promotes the formation of bacterial plaque on the teeth of our patients, which consequently becomes tartar.

Causes of Gum Disease

While having bacteria in our mouths is natural, it is important that these bacteria not build up to dangerous and damaging levels. While it is necessary to clean the teeth and break down small bits of food left over after we eat, if left alone, these bacteria become destructive.

If patients do not brush and floss regularly, the bacteria is left to build and grow, turning into plaque. If the plaque is not removed, it becomes tartar which can only be removed by a professional cleaning.

How to Prevent Gum Disease

Patients need to be vigilant with their oral health practices and brush and floss at least twice a day. They also need to perform visual inspections of their mouths to ensure no odd growths, sores, or excessive bleeding is occurring.

Regular dental visits are also important to maintain dental hygiene.

Gum Disease Treatment

Regardless of its severity, in our offices, we are prepared to take care of your case of periodontal disease.

The treatment consists of several phases.

First, we must determine the state of your gums through imaging tests and an exhaustive study of the tartar adhered to your gums. Once the diagnosis is made, we can establish an adequate treatment plan.

Additionally, we will carry out a culture of the bacteria located on your plaque to prescribe the appropriate spectrum antibiotic. This step is key in your treatment, since this way, we can eliminate the bacteria in your gums to alleviate the symptoms of your periodontal disease.

Woman smiling with beautiful teeth after gum disease treatment and looking at her dentist at Cooley Smiles in Everett, WA

Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling is the procedure by which we mechanically remove the solidified tartar on your gums, with a specialized instrument called a curette. It is a painless process, and it can be performed by applying local anesthesia for your comfort.

If we do not do this procedure, the disease will create spaces between your gums and your teeth known as periodontal pockets.

These spaces are warning signs, as they indicate the risk of tooth loss.


Regular check-ups are just as important as the initial treatment.

Our team should gradually review the state of your gums and the reappearance of tartar. This is part of your gingivitis treatment. This allows us to measure your progress compared to the initial state of your disease and take the necessary measures for your continuous improvement.


Once we have treated your periodontal disease, we must create a plan that is easy for you to follow.

After four to six months, we will check you again to measure the progress of your treatment, the support of your teeth, and the bacterial plaque.

What Does Gum Disease Look Like?

The early signs of gum disease are relatively mild but should not be ignored.

Most patients will experience gingivitis before developing true gum disease. Gingivitis is inflammation in the gums. However, gingivitis does not necessarily lead to gum disease and can be easily treated if diagnosed early.

The inflammation associated with gum disease causes increased sensitivity to your gums. They may also appear discolored or even puffy if the swelling is more severe.

Gums that bleed easily are also a sign that something is awry.

Over time, the initially mild symptoms of gum disease will get progressively worse and lead to long-term health effects. The inflammation and growing pockets will cause your teeth and gums to slowly separate from each other. This space weakens the hold your gums have on your teeth and can cause the health of your tooth's root to decline.

Ultimately, gum disease will result in the loss of your teeth. Your gums will also begin to recede, making it more difficult for you to receive future restorations, such as dental implants.

This is why you must receive regular oral exams and treat gum disease in its early stages.

Gum Disease Treatment in Everett WA

Due to the nature of periodontal disease and the fact it can greatly impact the patient's overall health by infecting respiratory and circulatory systems, it is important to start treatment as early as possible.

For an evaluation come see us in Everett today at Cooley Smiles. We will be glad to give you an exam and offer different treatment options. Call us today at (425) 249-3509 to schedule your visit.

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